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Basic OpenAL Implementation

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

Hey everyone!

[youtube_sc url=Lsy1VztJLBI width=240]

No we’re not dead. Just didn’t have a lot to show you 😉
But here’s some new stuff! And more is on the way!

I’ve been doing some debugging recently, started working on our own file format, but most of all,
debugging is a lot better now! I wrote a logger, and a better exception handler, and error messages.
Piko3D now writes logs, and it no longer crashes upon error 😛

In the mean time, Paramike finished the first part of our OpenAL implementation! And it’s awesome 😉
Everything you see in the video is done in Angelscript. We added things like a camera “Look at” option, and “join”, which
syncs 2 object positions 🙂 Useful for attaching sound sources to objects 🙂

In the mean time! Micron has been working on a debug renderer, so that he could actually see what he was doing while implementing bone animation, and I have to say it is coming along nicely! We’ll show you more next time!

Sorry for the delays guys. I hope we can do more updates soon. If I can keep myself away from star/mine craft for long enough 😛
But things are looking good!

For now! Enjoy our OpenAL: Doppler effect video!

Talk to you later!