So.. eehmm… Yeah! Progress report!

Hi everyone!

Thank you for still reading this after we haven’t updated for almost half a year 😛
We’ve been doing a lot of boring stuff lately! A lot has changed and we have nothing to show for it -_-
Hence the lack of updates.

Here’s what we did:

  • We’ve switched over from ODE physics to Bullet physics. Simply because we were looking for a physics engine which is better maintained, and is more mature in many ways.
  • We’ve implemented FreeImage. Piko3D is growing, from something small into a full fletched game engine. The renderer is getting better, we have positional 3D sounds, and ragdoll physics. We found that it was time to support more than just png files, and picked FreeImage for the job.
  • We’ve refactored part of the render and resource handling to make future features easier to maintain and implement. Font rendering was broken since deferred lighting was implemented, so we fixed that 🙂
  • We’ve moved from SVN over to Mercurial for our version control

Meanwhile, the game folks have given us a lot of feedback on how they are using Piko3D for surprise surprise, their little game prototype! We’ve been working with them in optimizing/fixing Piko3D’s script interface too, but HAH! We’re not showing you the game yet. We want to polish it a bit further before we put it out there.

So there! A whole lot of stuff we did, in the few hours of spare time that are not consumed by gaming 😉 and nothing to show for it!! How disappointing! This is kinda how we feel as well, but soon it will be time to show off some of the new features we’re planning in Piko3D.

So stay tuned! and thanks for reading.


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