Delays due to Dragonage 2! :P

Hey peeps! Just a heads up!
You know making script bindings, is kinda boring, which brings me to giving you this tip: If you want to create script bindings for your application, START EARLY!  Creating a script binding in angelscript for a function or a member is really not a lot of work. So everytime you add a class or a function, just add the script binding, and you’re done!

If you do it afterwards, it can be a long and tedious task… well really only very long and tedious because companies keep making awesome games that I find more interesting than script bindings at the moment 😛 Like dragonage 2! oh and aside from that I’m also playing starcraft 2 every now and again, and I’ve just finished Gray Matter. If you are a fan of adventure games, go buy and go play! It’s one of the best I’ve seen in a LONG time.

I’m now completing resource bindings, so models, meshes, textures, materials and such. And because Piko3D uses smart pointers internally, I have to make some wrapper functions for these babies in some cases. We did something pretty awesome though. Piko3D’s smartpointers now use a generic data/refcounting structure, that we can bind directly in angelscript! so passing object handles from script to the engine and back can be done fairly safely, since ownership is always accounted for! And the fun part is that the smartpointers can still work with unreffed classes and structures to, so it remains generic! AWESOME! 😀  (Oh and thank you Andreas (angelcode) for Autohandles ;-), they are very nice for certain cases)

Well! That’s it for now!

Keep ya posted.


P.S. Yes that Angelscript guide is coming… promise.  (but first! portal 2! woooey!)

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