Satus update: Piko3D and the N900 ?

Hey everyone.

I see that some users come here looking for a 3D engine for Maemo or the Nokia N900.
I made a news post a while back about me looking into the Maemo SDK as a means to port Piko3D to my N900, and I wanted to give you a bit of a status update on what’s going on in that department!

I first ironed  out some minor problems I had with compiling Piko3D under linux on GCC. As said before, I’m now using Premake for managing the pik3D project, which makes all this SO MUCH easier..
The good news is: It builds!

I’ve also found  ports for libSDL,  LibPNG and libODE for the N900.

Here’s what I plan to do:
I first wish to bring Piko3D a bit more up to speed. As some of you may know, Piko3D doesn’t have a proper renderer yet. Scripting is only partially implemented (proper bindings are still missing) and the ODE implementation is not QUITE there yet… There’s no animation system in place yet, and no options for playing sounds.

Since Piko3D uses SDL for it’s basic windowing and messaging, I will be looking at SDL 1.3 for support for OpenGL 3.x and OpenGL ES 2.0. There may still be some problems with initializing SDL 1.3 on OpenGL ES 2.0 but Seriva is looking into that.

I’m currently working on physical joints an motors, of which I hope to post a new video soon. After that, I want to make a setup for Piko3D’s rendering and perhaps we’ll get to some animation aswel… When the basic functionalities are done, I will get back at porting Piko3D to the N900.

So that’s it! Just so you know, It’s still my intention to bring Piko3D to mobile devices, starting with the N900.  Piko3D is still a lot of work, and we do this in our free time and for fun.. so progress might be a bit slow sometimes.

When I feel comfortable that piko3D is turning into an actual product, and things are roughly in place, I will open source the bugger and you can all have a look and help out if you like  🙂

But until then, there’s  still much to be done!


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