Maemo 5 SDK and the N900

Hey everyone!

As some of you may know, I want to make piko3d a modern, simple game engine for the latest PC hardware and mobile devices.  As it happens, my new Nokia n900 came in last week! This means I will be able to start porting piko3d to Maemo5 and start on the OpenGL ES 2.0 renderer!

I’ve been working to install the Maemo SDK and get myself familiar with the environment and today i’ve managed to get my first little program compiled and running on the N900! I’m now looking into setting up the project, and getting Piko to compile. It will be some work to get the dependencies on there, like libpng, ode, and SDL. A lot of people have already worked with SDL under Maemo so it should be possible.

I hope the new SDL version supporting OpenGL 3 will be released soon enough, so we can use the same system for OpenGL ES 2.0 and OpenGL 3.2.

Keep you posted!
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Comment by Kaydence — April 20, 2011 @ 1:18 am

SbLoOm Thanks alot – your answer solved all my problems after several days sturgilgng

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