Looking into Angelscript and Lua

Hey Everyone,

Just a status update on what I’m doing with Piko3D at the moment. I’ve been over at the gamedev forums to talk to people about the pro’s and cons for implementing angelscript. By the looks of it, Angelscript seems to be a very clean, and technically interesting way to implement the scripting. The interface has it’s own quirks here and there, but every scripting engine has some specifics that you’ll have to deal with anyway.

As some of you may know, I work at www.kalydo.com during the day, and we use LUA at work for our games, so obviously I’ve looked into LUA aswel. LUA is also a bit cumbersome in some area’s but pretty straight forward in others. It seems to be less sophisticated then angelscript, which is a good and a bad thing at the same time. It’s probably easier to implement, but I figure a bit less safe to use. On the other hand, this also greatly depends on how you make the bindings.

Long story short: I can’t really decide! So i’ll probably do them both… My technical director over at www.kalydo.com gave me the source to our lua script bindings generator, and told me how to adapt it so that it can work for angelscript too! This would mean that I can make 1 simple generic way of specifying function bindings in my code, and generate glue-code/function registrations for Angelscript and Lua at the same time!

All that’s left than is to implement a Lua script engine, and an Angelscript script engine. As for now, I’ve started on the Angelscript sctriptengine implementation. I’ll set this up first, and then do a few tryouts to familiarize myself a bit more with angelscript and registering classes/functions.

After that I’ll be able to adapt our bindings creator so that it can also generate angelscipt and things should take of from there! 😀

Thanks for reading and I’ll keep you posted 🙂

Kind regards,

P.S. Kalydo is an online 3D games platform. If you are interested in writing your own games in lua using our kalydo engine and publish them online? Pop over to www.dreamcreateplay.com , download the free Game Development Kit and get right to it!

Update (30th August 2009) : Implementing Angelscript script engine was a breeze! Turns out however, that our BindingsGenerator has a lot more engine-specific code than I hoped for… so that’s gonna take some time to fix 😉

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