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Physics: Animation and Ragdoll

Monday, July 1st, 2013

Hey everyone!

[youtube_sc url=5vVAh_t3P2Q width=240]

We have another video for you to watch. Micron worked his ass off to get animation and physics to work together! We’re still improving, but we now have support for Bone animations with Physics, and Ragdoll support! And it looks awesome 🙂

Currently, this is all done with ODE, but we’re thinking about switching to Bullet physics, since ODE seems a bit dead in the water.

If you paid attention, you can see that the video also shows the real time spotlight shadows I implemented. They’re very simple at the moment, but they look good already. I’m currently working on Directional lights and I hope we can have a new lighting video up soon 🙂

Keep ya posted!