Piko3D at Revision 2018 Demo party!

Another post! Why not 😉

We’re currently enjoying the Revision demo party again!
No demo this year 🙁  We had some trouble getting our creative juices flowing again,
But not to worry. New stuff is in the works!

I’m currently using the time here to improve culling on cascading shadow maps, and wrapping them up.
I’ll see if I can post another screen shot about it soon-ish.
Micron is working on joint limits for IK which is pretty complex, but a lot of fun to look at 😉
Paramike is looking to improve our renderer further, while Furos and Cisst are working on game art and game ideas.

So yes! We’re not dead! But it’s always difficult for us to start a new project and get everything going again!

Keep ya posted!

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