Progress! Rendering and Thread safety.

Hey people!

Here’s a small development update!
So the holidays gave us some good time to work on Piko3D, and we thoroughly enjoyed it 😀 Even though Star Wars: The Old Republic is out now, and I absolutely love the game, we managed to make some good progress 🙂

Paramike is working on threading. Piko3D already supports some multi-threading. We have a thread pool, and the scene and physics are done multi-threaded, but there is more to be done! The threadpool with which we limit the amount of threads started on a PC, is now LOCK FREE! and runs a LOT faster. Alongside that, Paramike is working on a thread-safe memory pool, which should improve Piko3D’s performance quite a bit (not that it’s slow now, just saying).

I have started restructuring part of the engine to make a basis for our new OpenGL 4.1/4.2 Renderer, and I’m making good progress! Window and camera updates are now properly taken care of, and as per SDL 1.3, we support MULTIPLE WINDOWS! We’ll probably never use it, but hey 😉
This also means that script determines what events are handled at what window, and that every window is updated separately.

Here’s a little screenshot for your enjoyment 😉

Till next time!


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