Pixel shaders!

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Shaders baby!

Hey everyone!

Here’s another progress report!
Got some basic shaders to work! Actually the shaders weren’t that much work, But Piko3D now has a proper resource management system around them too!
I’m currently working on an OpenGL renderer, but if we ever build a DirectX one too, it should be possible to switch between OpenGL and DirectX in runtime!

Anywayz, next up for me is testing, and pushing parameters to the shaders. I’m currently working in OpenGL 3 which allows me to phase out static functions gradually. This means that I can set up a static function pipeline, and than swap out the shader pipeline bit by bit, which makes testing a breeze 🙂 When everything is done, I’ll switch to OpenGL 4.2 entirely.

The little video you see here is basically a fragment shader “Hello World” that was made a bit fancier 😉 It renders BRICKS!

Anywayz, Talk to you later!


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