New Tutorial: Space Partitioning!

Hey everyone!

Today I’m glad to anounce that we have another TUTORIAL up! Paramike wrote a tutorial for you people on why and how Piko3D does its spacepartitioning, and the octree we’ve created for it of which we all think its awesome 😉

You can now find it in the tutorial section or click here

In the meantime: we’re not sitting still either!  I’m currently working on finally REALLY implementing scripting. We’re refactoring our smartpointer/refcounting system a bit so Piko3D can seamlessly combine it’s own refcounting with that of Angelscript!

Rendering is still making progress thanks to Seriva, and Micron is implementing a simiple MD5 Model loader right now so we can easily get some  basic input and testing material for bone animation!

That’s all for now folks!!
Talk to you later!

Kind regards,


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