Looking into Angelscript code.

Hey everyone,

Just a small update to let you know where my development time is going 😀

While working on bindings for Angelscript, I noticed that by default, AS doesn’t support binding of classes without default constructors.  I’ve posted this on the Angelcode forums at Gamedev, (you can find the post here) and WitchLord (The angelscript developer) told me that it should be entirely possible to write support for classes without the default constructor! SO i’ll be looking into that now!

I think Angelscript is an awesome script language to write in, so I really want to use this in Piko3D 😀 It’s light weight, extremely easy to implement, and offers great functionality in scripting, like static types, and script classes, which I really like. So I’ll see what I can do, and I hope I can get it to work with all the classes in Piko3D soon!

Keep ya posted!


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