Bitmap Font Rendering! (Progress update)

Hey everyone,

Bitmap font rendering demo

Bitmap font label

Here’s a new progress update of what we did on Piko3D in the last few months!  For starters, I implemented a simple GUI system which now consists of a simple panel and a label. Both elements support margin and padding, and can be parented to another GUI component for easy navigation. The Label is used for rendering text and uses fonts based on Angelcode’s BMFont Bitmap font generator!  You can see the label being rendered in the screen shot.

For now it only supports BMFonts Binary format, and Piko3D still only supports PNG textures.

In other news:
We’re still working on a number of other things. Micron is working on improving and optimizing frustum culling, and intersections between basic shapes, like cubes, spheres and of course, the frustum, which is just about done really!

In the mean time, Paramike is working on our awesome dynamic octree for our space partitioning, in which every cell is autonomous. Together they produce a dynamically relocating, growing and shrinking octree that will adjust itself as it is required, to provide an easy and quick way to query objects in our scene.

Seriva is also still helping out (although he’s on a holiday right now) and I’m glad to tell you that he started on the loading/parsing of Shader programs! So perhaps we will be showing you some screenshots of a new renderer soon 😉

Well! Piko3D is still a thing we do for fun, and although we still spend a lot of time in Starcraft 2, Dragon age, Mass Effect 2 and what not, I’m glad to see things get done 🙂 On that note: I’ll be on holiday too for the next 2 weeks, so no Piko3D news/development from me during that time.

Untill next time!


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