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Basic ODE physics! (Video!)

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

Piko3D ODE Physics test

Hey Everyone!

Paramike did a little work on piko3D’s physics implementation! We use the Open Dynamics Engine for Piko3D, as it gives a lot of control over the aspects of the physics simulation, is free, and open source!

So here’s the good news: Piko3D’s first video is up! It shows the first baby steps of the ODE physics implementation! It does collision! The code is still very rough, but we have visuals!!  This demo shows 800 0.5m^3 boxes colliding 20m away.

You can check out this video and upcoming videos on the Piko3D youtube channel which you can find here

Hope you like it!
Be sure to check back soon for updates 🙂