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Our game programmers are finally gaining some momentum!

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

Hello all!

Still hard at work here! Cisst and Furos, our game programmers (slash artists, we still have a small team 😉 ) are finally using our script interface how it’s meant to be used: to create a game! Obviously, this is the reason why we are doing this, so we’re very excited! Cisst has created an awesome first version of a side scrolling game. Furos is creating a platform game. Both are just prototypes, meant to familiarize our game programmers with Piko3D and AngelScript.

Of course, this means that finally all missing features and existing bugs will need to be fixed 😉 To motivate us, Furos has even created a meme for one of their biggest peeves while creating their prototypes:

So, uh, coming up: Arrays in AngelScript in Piko3D! 😀



Piko3D on next-gen hardware!

Thursday, August 15th, 2013

Hi all,

We have ported Piko3D to the newest hardware. The results can be seen here:

Next-gen hardware!

Just a bit of fun ofcourse 😉 We are working on GUI functionality: Wracky is working on raypicking, I (Paramike) am working on support for more image types and support for non-power of two images.

Micron is finishing up our animation/physics blend, and is almost finished. It’s pretty awesome, if we say so ourselves 😉

Stay tuned!

– Paramike

Multithreading and scriptbindings (progress update)

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Hello everyone!

First of all, happy new year to everybody! The Piko3D team have been partying ofcourse 😉 but we also did some Pikoding!

Wracky is busy writing scriptbindings for AngelScript. We chose to write the bindings ourselves instead of creating or using a bindingscreator for maximum control. It may be tedious work, but adding functionality after creating the initial bindings is trivial.

I implemented a threadpool with job scheduling and started distributing scene queries and physics collisions over multiple cores. Next up is the multithreading of physics simulations, but this requires some changes in ODE which may take some time. Since I’ve bought an i7 laptop recently, it’s fun to see 8 cores at work 😀

Expect more progress and perhaps a tutorial soon!