About Blight and Premake

Never got around to posting about this! But we DID have another entry in the Revision 2019 Game Compo, and won 3rd place! It is called “Blight” and you can watch it here, and download it here!!

Initially our plans for a demo fell through, and we weren’t able to get anything good done. BUT we did come up with a new idea, and went into “crunch mode” for a month, to make “Blight” and win 3rd price at Revision! We had a lot of fun, and even though we only had time left for 10 levels, I think it turned out pretty sweet 🙂

And now for something completely different. We’ve been using Premake for piko’s build script generation for almost a decade now, and I think it doesn’t get the love it deserves! It is a great tool for managing source projects, and build configurations, and has served us REALLY all this time. It is powerful enough to the point that if I’m struggling with a project’s build config, I’ll often turn to premake and add my own premake file to the project and generate my solutions with it, because it is JUST… EASIER! It gives you full control on how you structure your project, and how you arrange your files.

So if you ever need to maintain projects for a small, or a large source repository, or want an easy way to convert your projects to other build environments, or upgrade them (Easier than CMake or whatever you’re used to :P), maybe give Premake a chance! (And I mean not just for hobby projects! We’re using Premake at work too!)

Well that’s it for now! We’ve started working on something new again, perhaps more on that later!

– Wracky


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