Welkome to Piko3D!!

Hey everyone,

Welkome to Piko3D, and thanks for visiting!
In the next few days, I’ll be working to turn this wordpress blog into something moderately cool 😉
Piko is my own personal hobby project. I’m writing a relatively simple yet powerfull 3D game engine. I haven’t decided on a licence yet, but it’ll probably be free for noncommercial use to begin with 🙂  (Who knows, I might go open source someday)

Piko is steadilly growin, but it’s at the start of it’s development. I’ll post updates and screenshots as things go along, and try to give you a bit of insight in de development process 😉

For now, you can read the about page, and I actually put up 2 early screenshots I made some time ago 😉

Hope to see you around!

Kind regards,

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