Spanish traffic and a new member!

Hey Everyone!

Just a little heads up for now!
I’ve been working on Angelscript again, and it’s still a tough read for me to get all the changes done in a proper way. The developer of Angelscript is also helping out. He’s been really helpful on the mail, and I hope that I can make the time to actually start using the functions I made so far. It looks good, but it’s still tricky for me to see how and where I need to add the new functionality ­čÖé

In other news: My LibPNG tutorial has been posted on a┬áSpanish┬ásite about graphic programming (I believe :D) called codepixel !! I was surprised by a big spike in my web stats today from a lot of┬áSpanish┬ávisitors from that site, so thanks for the linking me guys! And a big welcome to all new visitors ­čÖé

Last but not least, Seriva, friend and collegue of mine, is helping out with Piko3D! He’s helping me with a model loader for his own “awesome” model format, and he’s also quite the wizz with OpenGL 3.0 so he’ll be helping me out with the renderer and scene graph later on.

That’s it for now!
Thanks for reading!

Kind regards,


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