Paramike joins Piko3D!

Hey everyone.

I asked paramike to help out with Piko3D, and he agreed! He’s going to help me implement the ODE physics library into Piko3D, aswell as some other misc programming. It’s great to have someone extra to talk about architecture in general, and of course it helps in making better progress aswell! ‘Cause I have to admit, as much as I love working in Piko3D, it’s still a whole lot of work!

So far, paramike has made a setup for memory management within piko3d. It’s now possible to, optionally, use a memory-pool structure in piko3D, and we will probably implement one later, to speed up memory allocation and reduce heap fragmentation. There’s a little tutorial about placement new operators, in the tutorial section, which talks a bit about memory management in mem-pools etc.

That’s it for now! I’m still hard at work on the Angelscript bindings generator, which seems to be coming along just fine.

Best regards,

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