Progress report!

Hey everyone!

Been a while since I posted anything up here, but rest assured, we’re still at work!
In the last few weeks we’ve been busy with some of the more basic functionality for Piko3D.
Problem with such things is that it does not give us nice pictures or movies to show you 😛
So here’s a list of what we’ve done lately

  • Basic scene graph was made (more advanced graph in the making)
  • Basic frustum culling works
  • Wrote my own little INI parser for use with config files.
  • Added extra ODE physics joints
  • Started with Shader resource management for the renderer
  • Objects now have bounding volumes.
  • Basic math for intersecting AAboxes, spheres and pyramids.
  • Been poking around in SDL 1.3 to see if I could get the mouse to behave!
    (our gateway to OpenGL 3.2 and ES 2.0!)

Aside from that, the team’s struggling with the worldly temptations like Mass Effect 2 and currently Heroes of Might and magic 5 for me 😛
So we take our time, but still have great fun doing this 🙂

Keep you posted!


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