More Scripting, Rendering and physics! (progress update)

Hey everyone!

Here’s another little heads up on Piko3D development and what we’re doing with our spare time 😉
I’m currently still working on the angelscript bindings for the classes we we have so far.  That’s physics, Basic rendering, and resource management, and scene management. Angelscript lets you register your application’s String type, which I recently finished. It works really well! After I’m done with this, I’ll do a little tutorial section about things to look at when you want to implement Angelscript in your engine, so stay tuned for that.

Yesterday, Seriva and I sat together to make a design for Piko3D ‘s rendering system. We had some basic classes that are going to be used for vertex buffers, textures, render targets, and what not, but not a decent structure yet for glueing it all together.  The design is now roughly finished, and we can start implementing it. Hope we can show you some neat renders soon! (it’ll probably take some time still though ;-)) also, since games are already coming out with DirectX 11 and tesselation, we’ve decided to up the spec from OpenGL 3.2 to OpenGL 4.1. This does not mean Piko3D will only be OpenGL 4.1 compatible, but it will be our top priority to get that to work first.

Paramike has made great progress with mulithreading the ODE physics engine. I hope we get the chance to submit our patch to the ODE repository so mulithreading will become easier for all people interested in using ODE for their project.
Collision testing is already multithreaded in piko3d, and paramike was now working on threading the simulation steps and its going really well so far.

Well! That’s it for now!

Hope we can make a new video or have some cool screenshots for you soon.
Till next time!


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