2 extra early screenshots.

Hey everyone!

I put up 2 extra screenshots today that show piko3D handeling multple camera’s and viewports. You can find them in the gallery.

I just added the option to set the color for each one of them, just to make it clear how the viewports are  defined, and to give the user more control over whether the color buffer is cleared between 1 viewport and the other.

In other news, I still haven’t figured out what I want with the site design. For now, I’ve just put the menu to the left, but as you can see, the font-face, colors etc, are still pretty messed up. Also don’t worry, the header is temporary. I just wanted to put an image in there. Once I’ve decided on a design (or let one of my friends do a cool design for me ;-)) I’ll start working on it properly. I’ll keep this ugly bit up for now, instead of the standard wordpress theme. For one: Everyone uses the standard theme. Second: maybe this ugly design will motivate me to come up with a better one soon 😉

Thanks for reading, and see ya around!


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